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M9 Control Valves

As dealer off the Italian company Valvole Hofmann we can offer to you highquality control valves for an compative price. It is the M9 serie, which has two- and three-way control valves with an electro-pneumatic or electric actuator. The M9 is an typical globe valve and is suitable to be used as control valve.

To make the selection for the best possible model for you we need your help. That is why we ask you kindly to give us the following data with your enquiry.


  • Moleculair weight of the media;
  • Temperatur of the media;
  • Form of the media (liquid and/or Gas);
  • Flow speed (minimum and maximum);
  • Inlet pressure;
  • Pressure drop over the control valve;
  • Dimension piping (inlet and outlet);
  • Situation of the surounding, if non standard (mobile, moisture, temperature, Atex, etc);
  • Choosen model (two-way, three-way mixing, three-way dividing);
  • Choosen actuator (pneumatic, electric, AC, DC etc);
  • Other points that need be known.

Control valves are ordered and  are produced specialy. Vapo supplied no control valves direct from stock. When needed we can over very short delivery times.
When you don't have the budget to order an voor your porces specially maded control valve, we can offer you an valve that can do more then opening and closing only, with the standard range off VTB valves we also can offer these with an proportional actuator. With this you can control the vlave in any wished position between the close position and open position. With this option you need to knwo that the characteristic will not be optimal, with ball valves especialy there can be cavition.